About Us

Write Or Die is an electronic/progressive rock band helmed by Chris Karriker, Ray Bell, Scott Dunbar and Autumn Sky Hall. The band is a mixture of several heavy-weight, award-winning and cornerstone musical acts from various previous projects in the Northern Californian and Bay Area (Autumn Sky Band, Not Your Style, Saint Solitaire and Death Party On The Beach.)

Together, Write Or Die create both rhythm-heavy and electronically lush soundscapes that serve as a perfect juxtaposition to Autumn’s socially and politically conscious lyricism and evocative vocal dynamics.


“Scream Of Consciousness EP” is the first release from a three-year-long writing process the band took on to write a concept album based on intersectional feminism and the human psyche. A survivor of sexual assault as a teen and a current social activist, Autumn’s lyrical writing process includes interviews with people who suffered abuse and trauma about how they survived and the aftermath, as they reclaim themselves. Most songs are researched as if they were journalistic pieces, and Autumn even once notably worked for a short time in a sex shop to better understand and write about human sexuality and sex positivity. The four spend most of their time practicing four times a week (because Kurt Cobain did,) and laboriously slaving over a computer screen so everything you hear sounds stunning and powerful.